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One of the things asked during a counseling session is that if one is already dating somebody that seem to be the right person for him/her, should they progress from casual dating to a more committed relationship or just leave it at that. The thing is that there is a very huge difference when you are dating a person whom you have a casual relationship with and dating someone whom you have a deep commitment with. When there is deep commitment it is not just a relationship with a title but it is a very serious relationship. On the other hand, casual dating means that the relationship is not very serious and this type of dating is also known as friends with benefits. This is not the same the relationship characterized by a strong commitment.

There are many things to casual dating like dating with a group of friends, dating someone occasionally, or seeing someone daily which may or may not include the opposite sex. In other words, it typically exemplifies one’s offhand contingent welfare though meaningful it may be to you. But that’s it, it is extemporaneous, impromptu and informal.

You may have a commitment with someone but also dating other casually. Both relationships are good and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. We cant say that one is better than the other. What really matters is what type of relationship is best for you.
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Is you have a casual relationship then there is a big space for the people involved to act on their own without impinging on the other’s wishes because there is no verbal commitment that was agreed upon here. There will come a problem when after a period of casual dating someone want it to be an exclusive one. It is important in situations like this, to speak up since it can lead to unfulfilled romantic feelings.
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Your self-esteemwill be affected if you are not emotionally prepared to simply have a temporary, low-key, and non-serious relationship. In fact, a casual dating relationship can actually ruin a good friendship when expectations starts to arise and it is not being articulated.

There are people with broken relationships who goes into casual dating with other just to have a shoulder to cry on, but when the other falls and the feeling is not reciprocated, then someone is bound to get hurt. The risk in the committed relations is that one is more committed than the other. If there is no total commitment to the relationship then the risk of infidelity and betrayal will become so real. Sometimes when you have invested trust and love for each other you still face of risk of finding out later that your commitment is not really that strong. Heartache can come even in a commitment relationship. When there is a broken relationship, it affects your self-esteem and the ability to trust other.