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Factors to Consider When Buying a Cigar Humidor

It is your very own humidor that you should have whenever you will be having a cigar collection. You have understood that the box that will come with your cigars is only good for shipping but will not be able to keep your cigars in its best condition. It is true that for some cigars you have to keep them for many years for them to be smoked in the perfect condition. Without the proper storage that you will be ruining the cigar before you can smoke it. It is the right humidor that you will be able to find once you will know the factors to consider.

Always see to it that when choosing a humidor to find the one that you really need. It is when the cigar collection you have is still small that you can choose the one that can keep 12-20 cigars. It is when you are travelling often that a humidor that can store at least 212 is what you should be choosing. It is the humidor that can store around 100 cigars that are commonly used in offices and houses. It is the cabinet humidor that one should be choosing when he will have a vast collection of cigars that can reach up to 30-0 pieces.

The next factor that you should be considering is the craftsmanship and the materials that will be used. It so you that can start your search for your humidor whenever you will be able to determine these factors, You have to know that the best humidors on the market are the one that is dried up and only have 6% moisture. You also have to see to it that the wood that will be used is a solid wood and not plywood. You also haw to check for any lumps or cracks as the humidor that you should be choosing should be smooth. When you will be choosing a travelling humidor that you can also opt for the one that is made from metals to protect you cigars from any firm of damage. Whenever you will be choosing a humidor that you have to see to it that you will pick the one that has a lining that is made from Spanish cedar or Honduran mahogany.

Always see to it that when choosing a humidor that you shod chose the en that can keep your cigars in ideal conditions. A humidor that can hold your cigars comfortably and is not too loose is the one that you should choose. To avoid mixing you cigars flavors together when you have more than one collection that you have to choose a humidor that has a divider.

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